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There are many stages to the growth of a business. These growth stages are both in terms of its financial health as well as its physical presence. There are resources that an entrepreneur can capitalize on as they move along this journey of morphing into a bigger entity.

These resources can be privately contributed or can be sought out from external sources as well. This is also a strategic business decision of the entrepreneur to choose how they want to exercise their expansion. There are many advantages to internal resource fulfilment as well as challenges. There are, however, many who might choose to take this route. This is only possible for founders who have a decent size of financial reserves on hold and can call up such credit whenever they need to. The question remains, what do the others do in order to achieve their dreams ?

11Technolab is the answer for both categories of entrepreneurs who have made a decision to raise resources outside their business environment and also those who can start today.

These resources are primarily linked to the expansion of a business. The first and foremost building block for any business expansion is space. This is most important as it projects presence, strength, growth, and stability. 11Technolab is a specialist in managing this for the entrepreneur.

11Technolab provides many options for business locations in 3 major categories:

A) Outright sale and purchase of office locations.

B) Incubation spaces for businesses.

C) Shared Resourcing or Shared Co-working spaces.

Business Incubation

Business Consultancy :

Outright Sale & Purchase is a straightforward transaction for entrepreneurs who have resources at hand and are planning to move in fast for an opportunity of expansion today. These transactions are managed end-to- end in a most time-efficient manner in order to deliver the property as fast as possible to the buyers.

Incubation Spaces for Businesses is where 11Technolab will take a measured view of the present achievements of the business or its core business idea. Thereafter, 11Technolab will enter into a commercial agreement with the founder of the business and provide it the necessary space and infrastructure for starting or growing work. This agreement will be private to 11Technolab and the founders. These agreements as executed in confidence and are not standardized and differ from business to business. The founder’s get an instant boost of resource to start and concentrate on growing their business.

Shared Resourcing or Shared Co-working spaces is a relatively new concept which is slowly and surely catching on. This concept is where instead of ONE entity taking on an entire space which it may not require in the beginning, a number of entrepreneurs share the same space with their teams. This idea has emerged from the concept of matchbox start-ups and is the most suitable for entrepreneurs who can simply log in with a certain number of hours per day and log out with their teams. The rest of the office facilities are shared alike and the business only needs to pay a fixed charge per seat or cubicle that it has earmarked for its teams. Office facilities like conference rooms, printers, networking, etc. are all shared and may be a part of the rental agreement or sometimes even as flexible as pay as you go!

So reach out to 11Technolab today and watch your dreams take flight!

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