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CRM is a key tool in developing valuable solutions and delivering it to the customers. This helps in maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship with the customers. The solutions in the Customer Relationship Management varies from interface development, mechanization of sales forces, supervision of business leads to correlation management. Customer Relationship Management solutions, 11Technolab is a software development company which is framed to serve the needs of the modern-day business. Our experts have experience in designing applications through agile solution development. We give you custom modules where you can incorporate the CRM with third party applications through IT synchronization. We also offer services for Vtiger, Sugar CRM and also Microsoft Dynamics, along with CRM software services and CRM product engineering.

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VMS Software Development :

We, at 11Technolab have learned how to handle the MSP (the Managed Service Provider) model enabling our team to deliver the best VMS services. We have employed a better account management team that has a clear understanding of industry standards and as well as the core dynamics of the businesses. Because of this, we have gained immense experience in providing immaculate solutions using the VMS tools. We also can design the VMS tools, with the clean knowledge of their functionalities and insights through KPIs, with aligning metrics as per the standards of a software development company.

LMS Software Development :

An LMS software is used to deploy a training course in an organization, making sure that its effective. An LMS acts as a ideal tool to conduct training and to manage multiple users, at a time. It also helps in scaling the users, offering them the flexibility from learning experience. We, at 11 technolab, believe in pairing the courseware with the LMS software for the clients in order to give them the best efforts with minimum effort. Our services include deploying the LMS, followed by full-fledged support. We also offer you the hosted cloud support through partnerships at very low costing as compare to any other software development comopany .

HRM Software Development :

HR Management is one of the non-profitable sections that we design, usually for the small and medium scale businesses. The main reason is because, most of the small scale business might not be willing to spend money on HR management. In such cases, HR software deployment is the best solution that you can come across. We at 11Technolab, can give you the most eminent HRM Software Development services, helping your company save money so that it can give better pay rolls. Our automation is advanced because of the professionalism of a software development company , which on a whole, eases the task of management. Our web based management helps in cutting the costs and also the man power, while it drives the passion of a worker, by promoting the core values. It also helps in managing the access to the employee records, so that the evaluation can be done with necessary changes .

ERP Software Development :

ERP Software Development Services: ERP systems, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning systems are the software, which provide help in operations planning, optimizing the processes of internal business, administration, financials, human resources, and customer relationship management. With the help of ERP Software solutions that we offer as a software development company, one can integrate the data processing of an organization at a single place. We offer the solutions for the trading and manufacturing companies for automation and assimilation of the business proceedings. With timely and easy accessibility of the information, you can enhance the efficiency and growth of the organization with our software development company's technical and industry experience .

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