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We Craft Digital & Marketing Strategies
That Grow Your Business

We Craft Digital & Marketing Strategies
That Grow Your Business

Our Services

A full service digital marketing agency in New Delhi, India, built to make your brand last. Our clients love us and that’s the true measure of our success.

Search Engine Optimization

An expert White Hat SEO Agency that delivers. Get consistent high quality traffic that Converts.

Social Media

Social is more than just a post on your feed. We create strategies that impact Emotions.

Paid Media

We are a performance and ROI driven agency. We consistently turn advertising into Profit..

Content Marketing

Distribution is free. So we only charge you for the super-rich content that we create to impact your Audience.

Data Driven Marketing

We strategically integrate data and analysis into performance marketing Processes.

Our Prestige Clientele

We Drive Persistent Growth For Remarkable Companies:

Why eleven technlab

Want to grow your business bigger and better in a short span of time? Are you looking for perfect audiences for your remarkable products? Do you have an astonishing story to tell but nobody to listen to it?

Eleven Technolab is all you have been searching for! We are a premier digital marketing agency who delivers. At Eleven Technolab, you will have a team of your very own experts, with a combined experience of over 100+ years in ecommerce sales & marketing, to build, develop & nurture your business and boost its growth in the digital arena.

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Digital marketing is a system that allows you to advertise or promote your online store or sell your physical or digital products through any digital platform. 

It lets you engage in or create your own online communities through strategies such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, content marketing, etc. 

With the use of digital tactics, technology, and channels, you can easily connect with existing and prospective customers. Digital marketing breaks your audience into any geographical, behavioral, psychographic constraints that encourages you to reach your right  target audience. 

Influencing your target audience becomes impactful with the use of blogs, videos, social media channels, and e-mails. 

Growing your business becomes highly efficient since digital marketing is a growing technology that keeps evolving. 

Keeping track of the revenue, engagement, clicks, and leads are more manageable and cheaper as compared to conventional newspaper and print media.

To excel at digital marketing, you need to be up-to-date with the new digital trends and technologies that keep hitting the market. 

You would want to be ahead of your competitor, for which you need to be open and flexible in your ideas. 

With absolute precision, you should respect the plan, design, and creatively implemented strategies proposed by a digital marketing agency. 

For the successful execution of a marketing campaign, a digital marketing agency should be hired who must possess the following:

  1. A core understanding of the product, its USP, and the organization’s objectives, brand guidelines & brand brief.
  2. A complete understanding of your target audience/ target persona and how to reach them with the right message.
  3. In-depth familiarity with digital channels – an insight into where, what and how. 
  4. Experience with these channels to effectively capture the audience with the right CPA.
  5. Proper communication skills that involve copywriting and design. 
  6. Inquisitiveness to learn more and move an extra mile in implementing that knowledge about the most advanced tools and the recent trends into your strategy to ensure your brand is up to date.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, there can be many types:

Ø  Inbound Vs Outbound

As the name suggests, inbound marketing or ‘pull’ marketing attracts the customers towards it. Digital marketing agencies develop content such as blogs, videos, e-mails, newsletters, etc. and interested prospects automatically find their way to these. It is specially curated content for specific audiences.

Outbound or ‘push’ marketing is a technique to send out messages to a large number of people. The information has to be generalized to suit a vast audience. Some examples of outbound marketing are TV/ radio ads, newspaper ads, mass mailing or sms, cold calling, ATL or BTL events, etc. Due to this, the message covers a wide area of people while promoting a product, but usually towards uninterested audiences.

Ø Performance Marketing Vs Brand Marketing

Performance Marketing covers marketing, which promotes sales, lead generation, converting the audience to a prospective buyer, e-mail sign-ups, volume of traffic generated, sales etc.

Brand Marketing centers more around the brand’s image, designing the brand equity and credibility. There’s more focus on relationship-based marketing and compounds over time.

Popular digital marketing channels include the following:


    <li “>Search engine optimization is the process of improving your visibility on search engines when you gain more and more organic traffic. As you gain an insight into how websites rank on the search engine result page (SERP), you can accordingly optimize the website’s content to make sure it ranks well on searches.


  • Search engine marketing is a form of paid advertising to gain more traffic on your websites. Google Ads is the most popular paid search platform that helps to gain audiences and drives them to websites with high intentions.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing involves making use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to stay in touch with your audience. The more engagement you have on your shared content, the further your business progresses.

Content Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is a commission-led marketing strategy. When an affiliate promotes a business’ product, and that results in sales, they earn a percentage of the profit. The business pays anyone a commission for sales when affiliated with them.

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing consists of keeping your existing customers updated through emails and newsletters about new information. Potential customers who have subscribed to the website for the service also receive emails regularly.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing includes the promotion of your brand or products through an influencer who has an excellent reach due to their social influence. It could be an expert, people from highly reputed organizations, or celebrities.

Eleven Technolab is a premier digital marketing agency, based in New Delhi, India. We have generated 13.7 million+ combined revenue for more than 50+ brands globally in the last 5 years.

We assess your business and guide you with a strategy that helps you reach your objectives and goals faster and better. We ensure data driven results with the use of expert digital skills, technology and a combined experience of 100+ years.

We develop strategies aimed at business growth and a wider audience reach. 
From analyzing business, taking it digital, generating traffic to converting leads to sales, we handle everything conveniently.